Mr. Earl Faulk


Mr. Earl Faulk has been a resident of Mattapan for 40 plus years. He is an activist who has spent the majority of his life working on a mission to improve the residential lifestyle of Mattapan. One of his many accomplishments entails working with the state government to renovate the city of Mattapan’s biggest playground, Almont Park.  Mattapan is a work in progress and Mr. Faulk along with many others in the community are working hard to improve the quality of life in Mattapan and to establish resources for the residents. For the past 11 years, many residents led by Mr. Faulk have spoken to elected officials about making changes to Mattapan to transform it into the beautiful place that it can be. Finally, the city agreed to renovate Almont Park. The community youth now have a place to play and practice sports such as soccer, basketball and football.  Mr. and Mrs. Faulk have dedicated their time to making sure that Mattapan gets all that it deserves. The community and children now have a place to go when they want to play and a beautiful 4.2Mil dollar park to call their own. That place is Almont Park. The Mattapan Patriots Pop Warner [football and cheerleading teams], now have a field to practice and play. Mr. Faulk is excited about the work that was done for the youth in the community. He states, “Why go away when we have our own field”. As a group, Mr. Faulk and his wife along with many others in the community continue to work on new projects coming to Mattapan. Mattapan United would like to take the this time to thank Mr. Faulk and others like him who devote their time to making Mattapan a stronger, safer, healthier and more vibrant community so that people identify Mattapan as a dynamic, desirable place to live, work and visit. The work is not over and according to Mr. Faulk “there is no doubt that Mattapan will continue to grow, into something beautiful and worthwhile given time”. The fight is surely not over, and according to Mrs. Faulk “we can win if we engage the community to come out, work on safety and get the parents involved, Mattapan can continue to blossom.”