Massachusetts Organizer and Program Coordinator: National Ex-Offenders Re-Entry Program

   Position Title:Massachusetts Organizer and Program Coordinator:

National Ex-Offenders Re-Entry Program (NREP)


Organization: Society of St. Vincent de Paul


Office Location: Stoughton, Massachusetts


Type: Full time (independent contractor)


Reports To:SVdP Executive Director at the above location (under the guidance of

the National Program Coordinator)


Program Summary:

We are seeking an organizer that will work with formerly incarcerated individuals and the Vincentian and Catholic community to address issues of mass incarceration. The goal of the project is to unite Vincentians, Catholics and returning citizen in a prophetic movement to restore dignity to the formerly incarcerated, addresses reentry concerns, and decreases the overall population of people incarcerated.


This opportunity is emerging from a Strategic National Grant, which has created a unique partnership between the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops-Catholic Campaign for Human Development, the National Council of the United States-Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Inc. and local community organizations in five states across the country: Louisiana, Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Massachusetts.  The proposed project utilizes the existing Catholic infrastructure in the area of social ministry/social action by teaming the National Council of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, the local Catholic Campaign for Human Development network in each state, and highly successful local organizations that have proven outcomes on impacting the lives of ex-offenders, namely the Boston Workers’ Alliance (BWA) and Ex-prisoners and Prisoners Organizing for Community Advancement (EPOCA).



This is a full-time professional staff position responsible for providing leadership, vision, and support for the National Ex-offenders Re-Entry Program (NREP) funded by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  The state coordinators will be responsible for working with the existing USCCB-CCHD partner organizations, developing the leadership skills of returning citizens and Vincentians, and growing teams to advocate for systemic reforms identified by the leadership of returning citizens. State coordinators will be responsible for:


●      coordinating the local partnerships, which requires establishing strong, mutually respectful relationships with and among dozens of community leaders, and developing strategies to achieve shared goals;

●      engaging the various community organizations with the program & organizing campaigns;

●      grow the leadership skills and capacity of returning citizens

●      connecting SVdP Vincentian members with those who are training and organizing ex-prisoners;

●      ensuring program goals and objectives are implemented, documented and updated to ensure program successes;

●      developing key state and local contacts to promote the program and advocate for systematic changes; and

●      working in cooperation with the National Council staff members and the USCCB-CCHD staff.


Key Responsibilities:


Program Development and Activation

      ●         Build strong relationships with leaders of St. Vincent de Paul chapters and leaders of the grassroots, ex-prisoner led organizations

      ●         Bring together leaders of both constituencies to build relationships, learn from each other, establish goals, and develop strategies to meet those goals

      ●         Ensure program development will achieve project grant objectives

      ●         Provide workshops & trainings on the history and mission of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, and on the fundamentals of grassroots community organizing

      ●         Promote an environment of innovation and collaboration

      ●         Monitor, analyze data, and evaluate program(s)

      ●         Prepare/deliver quarterly report


Administrative Duties

      ●         Compile and submit monthly request for reimbursements

      ●         Ensure program timelines are being achieved

      ●         Perform program audits and make program adjustments to achieve desired goals

      ●         Establish state and local contacts and build long-term relationships to promote system changes

      ●         To identify, cultivate, and solicit program funding prospects


Key Competencies of the Position:

-       Understanding of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul; its mission, vision and values.

-       An understanding of the Catholic teachings and principles, the criminal justice system, family dynamics, and civic leadership

-       Strong team-building, listening, and leadership skills

-       The ability to prioritize tasks

-       Diplomacy - ability to develop, maintain, and utilize relationships to advance program projected outcomes

-       Efficient/effective communication oriented

-       Accuracy and detail oriented

-       Flexibility/adaptability to a variety of assignments

-       Follow through and time consciousness

-       Accountability

-       Ability to initiate independent activity


Skills, Knowledge and Experience Requirements:

      ●         Minimum three years’ experience in either grassroots organizing or labor organizing, with experience in issues related to criminal justice preferred.

      ●         Bachelor degree preferred.

      ●         Minimum two years’ experience in developing and implementing new programs for vulnerable populations with proven results.

      ●         An understanding of Catholic Church teachings.

      ●         Experience in developing community partnerships.

      ●         Team player able to relate to and work with diverse constituencies, including all levels of staff, volunteers and board.

      ●         Excellent written and oral communication skills (including presentation delivery, conveying ideas, and follows instruction effectively).

      ●         Positive, professional demeanor and ability to develop, maintain, and utilize relationships to advance program projected outcomes.

      ●         A self-starter, independent worker with the ability to develop a plan and report on its progress.

      ●         Knowledge of strategic planning and budget development and management.

      ●         Strong organizational skills to plan, implement, and evaluate programs.

      ●         Flexibility of schedule and availability of time necessary to accomplish program  goals

      ●         Leadership skills in guiding work teams, committees and volunteers.

      ●         Proficiency with Microsoft Office applications, especially Word, Excel and Outlook, and the Internet.



      ●         Reports to the Executive Director

      ●         Ensures achievement of “Outcomes” as outlined in the grant proposal

      ●         Supports the Rule and Bylaws of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul

      ●         Adheres to policies and procedures of the Society and all pertinent legal regulations

      ●         Participates in annual self-evaluation and performance review



How to Apply/Contact: 
Please send resume and cover letter to Paul Graham, NREP National Coordinator, to