Mattapan Voices

Earl Faulk states, "I have been a resident here in Mattapan for 35 years and I love my city. We are working hard to improve it and get it where other neighborhoods are. We have been working on new things in Mattapan like the Health Center, Library, Parks, and more. We are looking for lots of support. We want Mattapan to be #1. It takes time and money. There is no doubt that Mattapan will continue to grow into something beautiful."


Holden Pierre states, "I feel that Mattapan is a very diverse community that is capable of becoming of Boston's best. The future of Mattapan is bright, as long as resident and the organizations within stay hopeful and work together as a team. As a community we need to make sure we bring youth to the table so that when its their turn to lead they will be motivated.


Jennie Holloway states," I spent very little time in Mattapan. I came to Mattapan for a few meetings because of my partnership with LISC. I was grateful for the experience I had in Mattapan and how welcoming the community was." 


Nathanael Kelly, youth in Mattapan says, "In the community we all have struggles, but what we makes Mattapan a truly great community is our ability to overcome adversity. As we give reverance to Dr. Martin Luther King J.r. this Monday, I would like to remind everyone about his victories. Not just his accomplishments, but the community members he worked with. Mattapan is capable of those victories."


Beatrice Owens, Mattapan resident says, "Mattapan residents as of now do not seem concerned about Mattapan staying as Mattapan. Mattapan will not be the same being apart of Hyde Park. The people of Mattapan need to stand up for Mattapan."


Jonathan Edmond, youth in Mattapan says, "Mattapan is a big part of history for the City of Boston. It's also the safe haven for many Haitian people. The future of Mattapan looks bright just as long as we invest in the community." 
Pamela Jones, youth in Mattapan says, "Many bad things have happened in Mattapan, but where haven't there been? Mattapan is a community filled with history, legacy, and possibility for growth. If we all work together we can make Mattapan not just what we envision it to be, but make it our reality."


Pastor Zephir of Greater Boston Nazarene says, "When I first came to the United States I was living in Dochester and now I live in Mattapan. I am confident that Mattapan is heading in the right direction especially with Mattapan United's support. Already Mattapan crime rate has lowered over the past few months. It is expected that in the next 5 years there will be a brand new Mattapan than what we see today especially with organizations like Mattapan United to help provide positive change." 


Wendy Merain, Mattapan resident says, "I have lived in the Boston area for the last 15 years and lived in Mattapan for almost a decade. Mattapan is a good area. It is like any other place in Boston. I like that Mattapan has so many resources that will help the residents that live in the community. Mattapan even has its own newspaper which enables me to learn of the current events in the Haitian community. This community is going somewhere good because of organizations like Mattapan United and Mattapan Family Service Center that are trying to make the community better. Over the past few months there have been renovated streets, a renovated YMCA affordable for low income families, a better and bigger library, Mattapan Health Clinic, sustainable agriculture (the farmers markets), and more. The efforts to improve this community are there. What I would like to see more of are youth empowerment programs that enables youth to serve their community as well as to take a stand and make a difference."